Virtual Reality Vaccinations

Virtual Reality Vaccinations

Reduce pain and anxiety with childhood vaccinations

From ‘ouch’ to ‘wow’ with virtual reality vaccinations

The Health Hub at Eaton Fair strive to provide the best possible experiences for you and your family. We have investigated, researched and sourced a solution to help relieve pain and anxiety associated with Vaccinations for your children (and teens / adults)! …. and it is available now!

We are pleased to announce that The Health Hub at Eaton Fair has introduced VR Vaccinations. This is a solution where your child (designed for age 4 and above) places on a Virtual Reality mask that then guides them through the process of having their vaccination by using calming music, soothing voices and distraction techniques in an animated 360 degree environment.

We have trialled it and it works!

Comments like “I didn’t feel anything…. it didn’t hurt” are not uncommon when using VR vaccinations.

Make vaccinating your child a better experience for them and book in with The Health Hub at Eaton Fair and trial our new Virtual Reality system.