Dear Valued Patient of The Health Hub at Eaton Fair,

We wish to inform you of some important changes to the billing policy at The Health Hub at Eaton Fair. We ask that you familiarise yourself with these changes. These take effect from 14th September 2021 (inclusive).

The team at The Health Hub strives for excellence and aims to provide high quality care. In order for us to be able to continue doing this we have had to make some changes to our fees and charges.

The pandemic is challenging for all of us and impacts individuals and businesses in various ways. Medicare rebates remain low and undervalue the health service that we provide. When a GP accepts a bulk bill they are accepting over a 50% reduction in their fee.

Providing affordable care is very important to all of us here and therefore we will continue to provide and support our bulk billing hours of between 10am and 3pm weekdays.

However, outside of these hours, we will request a private fee for all consultations and services.

We understand that this may be a challenge for some and should this apply to you we ask that you continue to utilise the bulk billing hours on offer.

We ask that you please be understanding towards our team and the new billing policy.

All of our decisions are made with your best interests at heart.

Kindest regards,

The Health Hub at Eaton Fair


The Health Hub at Eaton Fair Billing Policy

We are a private billing Practice.


Outside of this time all consultations will attract a private fee. The treating doctor determines the consultation fee based on the complexity of your consultation and whether extra services have been provided. The following table provides upfront and out of pocket expenses for routine consultations.

Upfront – No Concession

Upfront – Concession**

Medicare Rebate

Out Of Pocket –     No Concession

Out of Pocket – Concession**

Short Consult

0 –  5 mins






Standard Consult

5 – 20 mins






Long Consult

20 – 40 mins






Extended Consult

Over 40 mins






**To be eligible for a concession rate you will need to be under 16 years old, a health care card holder or an aged pension card holder. A discounted rate or concession rate is at the discretion of your treating doctor.

A standard Saturday consultation (5-20mins) will cost $81 upfront with an out of pocket cost of $41.90 (after $39.10 medicare rebate). There is no concession rate on a Saturday and all appointments will be privately charged (including children).

Treatment Room/Procedure Fees (including iron infusions);  Treatment room fees are not covered by Medicare or concession cards and are an added fee to the Doctors time to cover our treatment room consumables. Please feel free to discuss the cost with the nursing staff before the procedures commences.

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