Telehealth with your GP

Consult with your GP from home, work or whilst travelling

Telehealth consultations with your regular GP available at The Health Hub at Eaton Fair

The Health Hub at Eaton Fair is about providing a new type of service that caters for your needs as an individual. We understand that sometimes it can be hard to find the time to visit the GP or you may be away travelling and need some advice from someone you know and trust. The Health Hub team do not want you to ignore your health problems so we are pleased and excited to offer Telehealth consultations to all of our clients (no medicare rebate available, time based private fee only).

You can book this service direct from your AMS Connect app and have a live video consultation with your Doctor of choice at your booked appointment time in a location convenient to you. The process is streamlined and easy for your convenience. You can use a phone, tablet PC or your computer. It is safe and secure.

This means that if you can’t make it to a GP appointment in person or are away travelling and want to consult with your regular GP – you now can! Continuity with your General Practitioner is so important – and this now removes the barrier of distance and time.

Some appointments do not require a physical examination by your Doctor and a Telehealth consultation is completely suitable and appropriate. Your Doctor will be able to issue pathology requests, scripts, referrals and provide you with the information you require.

However, please note that the Doctor may recommend an in person physical examination or consultation and another appointment may be necessary.