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Taking the leap

Deciding to branch out and start our own business was both a scary and exciting time for us.

We are a young family with 4 children…… 4 children that depend on us to get it right……

Craig has always wanted to own his own country G.P. practice in a town that means a lot to both of our families. We both grew up in Eaton and Australind and we actually went to High School together. In high school I was certainly a free spirit and Craig … well…. he was the perfect student.

Fast forward a few years and we are living in the same community raising our children.

After working as a GP for a few years Craig began to feel like his career had become stagnant and changes that he felt were essential to the care and needs of his patients became difficult to initiate and implement.

Then came what I thought was a crazy idea. Craig was determined that now was the right time to explore opening our own practice…. Gulp….. It started out as a small idea and turned into this remarkable journey. A journey of us finding our style and what we wanted our business to represent.

With that our philosophy of our brand started.

We wanted to open a community centred practice that worked hard to be pro-active with health care. Providing education for our patients giving them the skills and confidence to take control of their health. A medical centre that goes back to having a personal touch and a business that creates opportunities to help others… And with that The Health Hub at Eaton Fair was created.

We have spent 1000’s of hours and are now only weeks away from our dream becoming a reality. We certainly have jumped into the deep end of the pool without floaties but to be honest we wouldn’t have it any other way.