Father and Son at Carnival

The Health Hub Eaton Foreshore Festival

Every year in March the people of Eaton are brought together. Every year the local groups, schools, businesses and families come together to build the community we live in. And every year memories are made. Craig and I were only discussing the other day that when we were children you could play a game at the festival where you could win a goldfish (I am pretty sure I came home with a few surprise pets)

It is now our children’s turn at making fond memories of the festival. Memories, that I am sure will stay with them well into their adult lives (luckily with no surprise pets involved) and without even realising it they too are helping build and grow our community.

The festival has so many beautiful stories and memories attached to it and it was our emotional connection to the festival and the community that led to us becoming the naming rights sponsor of the Eaton Foreshore Festival.

We are proud to have the Health Hub at Eaton Fair associated with such a loved event and look forward to cementing our commitment to the community and people of Eaton.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Health Hub Eaton Foreshore Festival on March 10th 2019.