A Look at Vitamin C Skincare Benefits and How it Works

By Caris, Dermal Therapist

Considering vitamin C’s ability to protect our vulnerable cell membranes, it is one of the greatest skin fortifiers, being a powerful antioxidant. In our skin, this potent antioxidant is the most abundant. However, we are not able to make it ourselves. Thus, vitamin C intake and skincare are essential to protecting against environmental aggressors and solar radiation.

Often, the term antioxidant is thrown around in the context of diets and skincare, but what exactly does it entail? The term ‘antioxidant’ refers to a compound that inhibits the chemical reaction known as oxidation. Because through a series of chain reactions, including the production of damaging free radicals, oxidative stress in living organisms causes cell deterioration, ageing, and inflammation. Vitamin C protects the cell membrane and your DNA from damage caused by free radicals. This means that vitamin C can accelerate the healing process of scar tissue and prevent premature aging.

Benefits of Vitamin C:

  • It contains anti-inflammatory properties

  • It stimulates collagen production

  • It protects from UV damage

  • It brightens and evens out skin tones

  • It is an antioxidant power couple with vitamin

Is vitamin C suitable for everyone?

The use of vitamin C in the morning is recommended for everyone! It’s important to find the form of vitamin C that best compliments your skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin – since we all have different levels of tolerance to acidity and particular ingredients.

Listed below are the different types of vitamin C available in clinic from Synergie Skin.

  • Pure C Crystals – A super antioxidant duo of L-ascorbic and alpha lipoic acid with skin brightening and age-defying benefits. Now available in 7g. Priced at $69.00

  • Effica C – Essential vitamin C suitable for all skin types, this product has fortifying antioxidant protection. Priced at $125.00

  • Super Serum + – A youth renewal serum with 6 age-defying actives. Priced at $169.00

Our skin therapist, Caris, will be happy to talk with you about your skin goals and provide you with some Vitamin C samples. Visit us online Laser Hub – World Class Treatments (laserhubeatonfair.com.au) or in clinic, Shop 82/2 Recreation Drive, Eaton. (Located within The Health Hub at Eaton Fair).