Anti-wrinkle Injections…. Expectation VS Reality

By Caris, Dermal Therapist

If you decide to embark on your anti-wrinkle journey, you won’t be frozen for three months and then suddenly need a new session. It is normal that muscles will slowly regain movement as time passes.

Recurring anti-wrinkle clients generally benefit more from their treatments because muscles gradually weaken and take longer to rebound over time. There are many factors that contribute to anti-wrinkle longevity, including metabolism, medications, and lifestyle habits. Your injectable results will be enhanced by using high quality cosmetic grade skincare, wearing SPF daily, and getting skin treatments in the clinic.

During your appointment here at The Laser Hub at Eaton Fair, Dr Craig Hookham analyses and marks up every individual face to ensure that the concerns are addressed and the desired results are achieved. So you will only pay for the units required for optimal results.

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