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Calming facial oil to protect dry and delicate skin


A luxurious, lightweight facial oil to nurture and strengthen skin. Fortified with a super-calming blackcurrant and balloon vine lipid complex, pure olive squalene, seabuckthorn, and meadowfoam oil, De-Stress is the ultimate hydrator with anti-inflammatory oils to benefit even the most sensitive skin.

De-Stress is the perfect accompaniment to clinical treatments, and doubles as a skin saviour at-home for all skin in need of a comforting hydration boost.


Key Benefits

Blackcurrant/Ribes nigrum seed oil and balloon vine/cardiospermum extract:
A highly effective botanical active designed to reduce inflammation, regenerate damaged ageing skin and protect the skin barrier from environmental aggression. It soothes, protects, and regenerates damaged skin barrier, while relieving red, dry, itchy, and allergy-prone skin.

Olive Squalene:
A pure concentrate rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, squalene boosts the immune system and helps treat inflammatory skin conditions. Squalene provides moisture, protection, and aids in scar healing, with a deficiency of squalene often resulting in dry skin and premature ageing.

Seabuckthorn oil:
Rich in vitamins A, E, C and K, used topically as a natural treatment for burns, scars and skin types that are sensitive or prone to dryness or acne. The oil both reverses UV free radical damage whilst reducing inflammation and skin redness.

Meadowfoam oil:
A plant-derived oil with high levels of vitamin E for antioxidant and moisturising benefits


Apply 1 pump over the face and neck in the morning and evening. Gently massage in the skin and allow time to absorb before applying Synergie Minerals makeup.

Makeup tip: Mix 1 pump of De-Stress with Second Skin Crush loose minerals to create a nourishing UV protective foundation fluid. Apply with the Airbrush in circular motions.