Mark Neilson



Back on Track Massage and Chiropractic

I moved from Canada to the Southwest in 2003 when I successfully gained a Chiropractic position in Manjimup and Bridgetown.

I became an Australian citizen in 2012, and now have 3 lovely kids, Jai, Clover and Remi, and a lovely wife, Jackie.

When I was in High School I was doing work experience at a Chiropractic Office. I remember being amazed by the results that the Chiropractor got. His philosophy of how the health of your spine is linked to your overall health struck a chord with me. It was shortly after that I decided that I would study Chiropractic at University.

I’m still amazed by the healing ability of the body, especially if the spine is functioning well. By releasing stress from the spine and nervous system you allow for a return to the natural state of health.

I enjoy treating all kinds of ailments such as neck pain, headache, and back pain, to knee, shoulder, and wrist complaints. As well I encourage people to look after themselves with a healthy lifestyle and monthly Chiropractic Check ups if necessary.

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